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High school students’ proposition network representation and its relationship with thinking level in learning human nervous system using Modeling Based Learning (MbL) (2021)

Dadiah local potential-based biology learning resources to improve students’ science process skills (2021)

The Relationship of Students’ Thinking Level and the Ability to Develop Proposition Network Representation of Human Nervous System in Modeling Based Learning (MbL) (2020)

The Relationship Between Multiple Intelligences with Higher-Order Thinking Skills (2020)

Development of teaching material based on multiple intelligences to improve multiple intelligences and higher order thinking skills of students in vertebrata material (2020)

The implementation of PBL-integrated blended learning to improve senior high school students critical thinking skills on the human reproductive system instruction (2020)

Identification of the initial ability of high school students’ health literacy in virus (2020)

Ethanolic Extract of Moringa’s leaves (Moringa oleifera) Induce Senescence on Adenocarcinomic Alveolar Basal Epithelial Cells (A549 Cell-lines) (2019)

Blood sugar conditions in hyperglycemic mice after given the biscuit from banana skin type Kepok (2019)

Cytotoxicity effects of leaf extracts of Ciplukan (Physalis angulata; Solanaceae) on human blood and ovary cancer cell lines (2019)

The IM and LMS moodle as the TPACK components in improving embryology concepts mastery of prospective biology teachers (2019)

Reasoning patterns and modes of prospective biology teachers on embryology learning with TPACK framework (2019)

Preparing 21st-century teacher candidates through embryology learning with technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) framework (2019)

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