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Profile of Learning Experiences and Students’ Scientific Inquiry Skills in Scien

Piezoelectric Mat as Door Bell (2021)

Steam Power Plant Powered by Wood Sawdust Waste: A Prototype of Energy Crisis Solution (2021)

Electric Plant (2021)

Design of Rice Husks Gasification Stove (2021)

Junior High School Students' Understanding of The Nature of Science (2020)

Implementasi model pembelajaran ILMIZI dan peningkatan HOTS siswa SD berdasarkan gender pada pembelajaran lingkungan (2020)

Environmental learning student’s worksheet of air pollution (Eswopol): Inovasi lembar kerja siswa berbasis HOTS-AEP (2020)

Implementation Supplementary Book of Green Consumerism: Improving Students HOTS in Environmental Learning (2020)

Screening and Evaluation of Biopesticide Compounds from Mirabilis jalapa L. (Caryophyllales: Nyctaginaceae) and Its Combination with Bacillus thuringiensis against Spodoptera litura F. (Lepidoptera: Noctudiae) (2020)

Investigating the Cognitive Structure of Biology Preservice Teacher about Central Dogma of Molecular Biology Through Word Association Test (2019)

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