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Pengolahan Makanan Dari Bahan Baku Ikan Lele Dalam Kegiatan Ibu-Ibu PKK Di Desa Giri Mekar Kecamatan Cilengkrang Kabupaten Bandung (2021)

Developing of electronic learning materials based on Simalungun potency of agriculture for improving student scientific literacy competencies in environmental context and awareness (2021)

Data on community structure and diversity of the intestinal bacteria in elver and fingerling stages of wild Indonesian shortfin eel (Anguilla bicolor bicolor) (2020)

Development of E-Module Based on Cirebon Local Environment in Fostering Eco-Literacy of Student (2020)

Reflection of an environmental ethics education based on local wisdom in the kampung adat Cikondang of Bandung regency against environmental conservation and sanitation (2020)

The Analysis of Primary School Pupils' Science Conceptual Understanding by Using Edmodo as Online-Based Learning (2019)

Traditional knowledges of local wisdom of Aga Tenganan Pegringsingan Bali about environmental conservation and sanitation (2019)

Analysis of elementary school students’ misconception on force and movement concept (2019)

Investigating scientific literacy of students on the topic of water pollution through STEM based 6E learning by design (2019)

Characterization of pyrene and chrysene degradation by halophilic Hortaea sp. B15 (2019)

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